Create awesome Bitcoin returns via our viral system...

Have you heard about the new Bit Chip Automated Mining Technique for growing your Bitcoin Wallet?... With just a small one-time out of pocket expense, you can earn literally Thousands in Bitcoin, FAST!... This is a new paradigm shift in Bitcoin Mining or at least, it is a new way of growing your own Bitcoin reserves.

Basically, your small one-time purchase gives you Bit Chips in specific Bit Chip Slots. Each slot only holds a specific number of Bit Chips and each Bit Chip is assigned a predetermined amount of Bitcoin.

You can grow your Bitcoin Wallet completely passive or participate in a referral program that exponentially fills your "slots" with spendable Bitcoin, a whole lot faster.

You max out at over $90,000 in Bitcoin value as a completely passive member and can earn unlimited Bitcoin as an active referrer or for sharing the Bit Chip Platform.

Either way, it is a super fast way to increase your Bitcoin holdings and your Bitcoin Wallet balance.

It is a very unique way to earn passive and/or massive Bitcoin. One in which the masses will be stampeding to as the word keeps getting out.

And, get this... The price point to participate is far less than traditional Bitcoin Mining, at a fraction of a fraction, of the cost. It is dirt cheap and performs 10x better than traditional Bitcoin Mining.

The best part is that our Bit Chip Technology automatically sends your bitcoin profits instantly and directly to your blockchain account, not to a back office account where you have to deal with withdrawals!

Everything is hosted in the cloud and there is no need to learn complicated processes or server mumbo-jumbo to deal with.

Just purchase a one-time premium Bit Chips package for only 0.009 bitcoin and you are all set.

The "I Like Bits" platform is open to the public and not reserved for a select few who have lots of money to invest.

Note: The massive growth and popularity of bitcoin has caused some delays in blockchain verifications of transfers in which we have no control of.

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Here's How ‘I Like Bits’ Works:

1. Register for Free and don't worry, there are no monthly or admin fees.

2. Make your one-time payment of 0.009 bitcoin to get you started. Each person is only allowed a one-time entry.

3. Go to your back-office Promotion Center and start sharing your 'I Like Bits' links. Banners and email marketing texts are included. By joining our team, you’ll recieve a copy of this website for Free. With just 3 personal paid referrals, your original investment is returned back into your blockchain wallet.

4. Stack your Bitcoin reserves to amazing heights - to the tune of over $90,000+

‘I Like Bits’ is a fully automatic software technology system where all the incoming payments are immediately paid out. That means you get paid instantly to your blockchain account, not a back-office account! Each person that joins and pays the 0.009 bitcoin causes the system to automatically disperse the funds instantly. Naturally, the system takes a small operating fee from each person who joins. The company or admin does not hold any funds which virtually guarantees that there is no intention for it to be a scam!

I Like Bits uses a 3 x 10 Forced Structure that pays approximately 0.0012 bitcoin passively in bitcoin for each of the 10 Bit Chips. By recruiting, you earn much more. Each referral that you bring in pays you 0.0036 bitcoin instantly to your blockchain account. You’ll also get paid a matching bonus on 3 of your positions. Note: the value of bitcoin changes which determins the dollar amount one earns.

The Bit Chips Bitcoin Generator video below is based on Bitcoin at about $25 for the 0.009 BTC for simplicity purposes. It is about 100.00 dollars now and rising. The longer you wait, the more it cost to get started! Actual bitcoin value is found here

So, passive members receive spillover immediately upon a recruiter placing more than 3 on their first Bit Chip. The rest falls as spillover and as those below you begin to fill their Bit Chips, you begin to NOW receive, what is called spill under. This is in addition to the spillover from above.

It is possible that Passive Members can earn over $90,000+ from this process alone. Not guaranteed though! If every member sets a goal to find just 3 like-minded people, the sky is the limit!

So, what would compel recruiters to fill the Bit Chips for the Passive Members? More Bitcoin, of course.

Recruiters receive upfront ADVANCES on ALL Bitcoin falling on ALL Bit Chips below - UPFRONT, IMMEDIATELY, ADVANCED, INSTANTLY!!

Example: Recruiter brings on 10 members. Note: this example is calculated when 0.009 bitcoin was worth much less. Bitcoin is worth 5 times more today.

He gets - $17 for each of his first 3 who fall on his first Bit Chip which holds 3. This leaves seven he's invited who fall to his first level Bit Chip holders, as spillover (the first 2 get passive Bitcoin in the amount of approx $24 each). Remember, they've done absolutely nothing but, still get passive earnings and it is just the beginning. The 3rd member of his first Bit Chip get the final spillover and 1 of 3 to come or about $8.

Next, spillover continues to spill from left to right and, can come from both above and now, from below (remember, this is totally passive for them and they are on their way to over $90,000+ in totally Passive earnings).

The Recruiter has already received $51 total for the first three. Here's the best part. He also receives ADVANCED payouts in the amounts of - $9 for each of his remaing 7 he personally introduced. That's a total of $51 + $63 = $114 for the recruiter ($170 - $56 spillover). Brilliant!!

This process repeats many times, over and over, for both the Recruiter and Passive Member and, soon becomes a mind boggling, virally explosive, Bit Chip Bitcoin Power House.

Imagine, literally thousands experiencing the same process in Massive, Exponentially Increasing numbers.

And, why does it happen so fast? Two reasons:

1. The price point is laughable in respect to what it costs to participate in traditional Bitcoin mining and, what it can quickly bring the Passive Member and Recruiter alike (a WIN-WIN).

2. The Forced Structure only allows 3 in the first Bit Chip and the rest is spillover and creates massiver spill under.

Passive members max out at over $90,000+ and recruiters do it a heck of a lot faster and, with bigger payouts upfront, advanced to them with zero waiting!

To encourage our recruiters to continue building for the passive members, we also payout 100% Matches on Bit Chips 3, 6, and 9. There is nothing like this anywhere on the planet. Exclusive only to iLikeBits.com!

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